Legendary Birds is finally moving to a new host called Byehost since I can't use server side includes anymore which makes updating the layout coding a lot easier than updating all of the pages (except for the picture galleries). Web's file manager is also slow.. and the best way to resolve these problems is to gain a new host. Some images and past layout links won't be moved however, Webs is still good for something and that's using it for storage and nothing more lol. So stay tuned, LB will return once the move and updates that I'd like to do are completed. The image above will be connected to a link to the Byehost version once it's done. I will also update this little box with the announcement below as well. - Melon 5/17/19

LB is open once again! Click the image to enter the Byehost version (which isn't much of a difference for a visitor). Sorry about the wait. Enjoy the updates! :D - Melon 12/20/19

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