Zapdos Merchandise

This is where Zapdos' merchandise is. The items are categorize by when I add them, so the list is like this; odd items are at the top and the new items are at the bottom. I'm most likely not going to be able to add all of Zapdos' merchandise since I'm limited to pictures and information but I'll surely add more :D

Zapdos Figure

A 2 inch figure that is very common to find. The earliest Zapdos figure that came to Japan in 1998 and later on in the US. Comes separately in Japan but comes in a pack in the US with the other legendary birds.

Zapdos Battle Scene Figure

Another figure except it's in a battle pose. From the Advanced Generation of Pokemon figures. Made by Takaratomy.

Zapdos Plush

A pose-able Zapdos UFO plush that where only prizes from an arcade game in Japan.

Second Zapdos Plush

A super soft Banpresto 8 inch plush. It's not as rare as the first plush so the price is a lot less. It kinda looks similar to the first one too. There's also an Articuno plush like this!

Lightning Island Playset - Zapdos

Image 2 l Image 3 l Image 4

A cute playset that has Zapdos' island; Lightning Island like in the 2nd Pokemon movie. Includes a Zapdos mini figure, a tornado, a shrine, a sphere, a bridge, and a wave. Image 4 shows this playset and the other legendary bird ones can connect with a Shamouti Island playset that has Lugia and Slowking. Made in 2001 by Tomy and came to the US in 2001.

Zapdos Combat Figure

Image 2

A lovely 6 inch Zapdos combat figure that comes with four lighting bolts. The wings and legs can be removed and Zapdos' head can move up and down. Made in 2000 by Hasbro. There is also a Johto League Champions edition (different box, same figure).

Zapdos Burger King Toy

This was in one of the Burger King kids meals around the time when Pokemon the Movie 2000 was in theaters. A Pokemon card that made the sound of each Pokemon with it's own stand.

Zapdos Mini Plush

A small Zapdos plush on a keychain that came in Burger King kids meals around the time when Pokemon the Movie 2000 was in theaters.

Zapdos vs Nidoking Figure Set

A figure set of Zapdos in an action pose attacking Nidoking.

Zapdos Moncelle Figure

A very small Pokemon Moncelle Plus minature figurine. Made by Tomy.

Zapdos Bell Plush

A small Zapdos plush that is kind of in the shape of a bell. Which is probably why they're named Bell Plush.

Zapdos Stamp

Image 2

A Zapdos stamp from the Japanese stamp collection in 1977. The second image shows what the bottom looks like when stamped.

Zapdos Shiny Combat Figure

Image 2

It's similar to the original combat figure except it's SHINY :D It came when Master Quest, the 5th season of the anime was airing since it's a Master Quest version. Only some of the other Pokemon combat figures have shiny editions as well, which include; Charizard, Blastoise, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Scyther, (and more). Zapdos is the only legendary bird that has a shiny figure.

Zapdos Theme Deck

A Roaring Skies Pokemon card theme deck with Zapdos that includes a card of the bird.

Zapdos Badge

A badge with Zapdos on it that came in 1999 at one of the Pokemon Center stores in Japan.

Zapdos Deluxe Figure

Image 2

A large Zapdos figure that is pose-able at the head, tail, and wings. Made by Tomy and came in 1999. Might be around 6 inches like the Moltres and Articuno Deluxe Figures.