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About The Site

This is a fan made site about the three Legendary Birds from the Kanto region (the first generation of Pokemon) from the Pokemon anime and video games (and there's also the manga too but I haven't added any pictures or info for that); Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Who are the first trio of legendary Pokemon.

Owner/Creator: Melon
Created On: 4/24/09
Site's Host: Freewebs/Webs
Site's E-Mail: [email protected]

At first only Articuno and Moltres where my first and most favorite Pokemon ever since I first watched Pokemon the Movie 2000 which I bought on video. I remember getting the Pokemon combat figures of them too but I didn't buy the Zapdos figure. I did buy it as a present for a friend of mine for his birthday (at least I think it was a guy) but I'm not sure what his name was though. When I picked out that figure, I kept looking at it like I really wanted it, even though I knew Zapdos wasn't my favorite Pokemon during that time, I might have at least liked the electric birdy enough to want the figure. I always loved birds and still do ^-^ which is mainly the reason why they were my favorite Pokemon. I think I was eight years old when all of this happened or at least where the fandom started at. I only focused on them since they were birds. Later on, as I grew older, I soon realized their beauty, powers, attacks, and how they look. I even tried drawing them c: and posted some of those drawings later on Deviantart and I doodled them a lot too in my many notebooks. I don't draw them much now since I draw other stuff.

I also visited a lot of Pokemon sites but my most favorite one would have to be The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno. Ever since I first found that site I got into liking Lugia also. Later on, one of my internet friends, Emma created a Moltres site which I didn't see until later since it was under construction. The site is called, Sora. Which came out to be another one of my favorite Pokemon sites also. Which got me inspired to make a Pokemon site of my own. Wasn't sure if I should make another site since I already have SHHB (Spat and Harmony Heartbreak) which is the biggest out of all of my other sites. But I did anyway since I love to make sites ^^ My first favorite Pokemon were and still are Articuno and Moltres at first but later on, Zapdos became another favorite Pokemon. Which is why I made a Pokemon site about the Legendary Birds. I have other favorite Pokemon as well than the legendary trio which are mostly the cute ones.

Layout Browsing

Firefox is always going to make LB's layouts look the best since it's the browser I always use and love <3 Sometimes there's a few errors with Google Chrome like the header fonts but the errors with this browser are rare. And it's the second best browser for viewing the layouts with Firefox being the first. Then there's Internet Explorer which is always going to have some sort of problem with the layouts, I could always fix them but then it ruins the layout =/ Even though it's not a total bummer it still doesn't look as good as it does in Firefox and Google Chrome. Not sure if the layouts work good in other browsers or not but those are the only ones that I have.

Site History

There's some history of the Legendary Birds but not much. But here's the history for now: The site went on it's first hiatus for a week and six days from 7/9 to 7/21/10 since I planned the site to have a style switcher like all the other Pokemon sites I saw but sadly I don't actually know how to get it to work/can't get my files to be in php format for the switcher to work as I heard from a site. And Webs doesn't provide php format stuff, that is unless I get my site upgraded to premium which I don't want to bother with even if I can have a style switcher. So, the plan failed but I'm still keeping the layouts for a future reason since they might be future layouts for the site. Legendary Birds went on for it's second hiatus for a week or more somewhere in the middle of December, it really needed to be improved. Before it went for it's second hiatus; LB improved with affiliates from 9/12 to 12/17/10 with seven affiliates so far! :D LB went on for it's second hiatus from 12/13/10 to 1/2/2011 which took two weeks and six days for an improvement. I eventually used the Moltres layout that was going to be a layout from the style switcher but it moved on over for a 4th layout. Then came Version 5, I got tired of how this layout was the same style as the previous one so I enhanced the Zapdos layout more, along with adding an affiliate hover. Later on I used the Articuno layout for Version 6 and made some changes so it wouldn't be too similar to Version 4 since that layout has the same set up. With dotted lines along the edges of the navigation and made some changes to the bottom which shows not only the disclaimer but the affiliates and the advertised at sites.

When January 11th, 2011 came I made a fresh new layout which made updating the site a lot better since I lost faith in keeping the site up because of how old those layouts are, even if I did make some changes. From this day forward my layouts keep get better and better, at least I think so. And the site continues to go on even though my affiliates list keeps getting smaller and smaller.. oh well. I don't update that much anyways but even if my updating is slow, I still continue to make Legendary Birds grow :D

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