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Moltres, the legendary bird of fire, who is one of the three legendary birds in the first Pokemon generation in Kanto. It's feathers are possibly a shade of light yellow, it's wings, head feathers, and tail are flame colored which looks a lot like fire. Which is similar to a pheonix, which is also a fire bird. It's beack is straight and pointed that is colored in orange just like it's feet. Moltres has the smallest feet and legs out of the other birds. However, it's the largest of the legendary birds. Moltres has a special ability when it's flaming wings are flapped, it creates a brilliant flash of flames. It's also one of the few known Pokemon to naturally have a very powerful flying type move called Sky Attack.

It appears to migrate to south during the springtime. There are many folktales that Moltres' appearance will bring an early spring. When Moltres flaps it's wings, it shoots out lots of tiny embers from it's flaming wings. It's believed that these embers will have the power to heal. When Moltres is injured it flies to a near by volcano and dives itself into the lava to heal, which the lava in the volcano makes it heal. Moltres' habitat appears to live in hot conditions, in probably active volcanoes. They are rare to be seen in almost every place but sometimes Moltres have been seem on Victory Road and spotted near the Sevii islands.

Pokedex Information

Japanese Name: Faiyaa
Gender: Genderless
Pokédex: #146
Type: Fire and Flying
Species: Flame Pokemon
Height: 6'07"
Weight: 132.3 lbs
Evolution: None
Advantages: Grass, Ice, Bug, and Fighting
Disadvantages: Fire, Water, Electric, Dragon, and Rock

Episode Appearances

Here are the summaries and a few screenshots that Moltres appears in. Note that Episode 18 is the only episode from the spin-off series; Pokemon Chronicles.

Episode 74: All Fired Up
Ep 76: Fire! The Pokémon League Opening Ceremony!

Ash and the gang spot a guy with his Hitmonchan carrying a torch, Misty says that they use it to light the flame that burns doing the Pokemon League Competition. She then speaks about a legend that goes with the competition; The flame goes back in ancient times and that it's is from the flames of Moltres. Ash looks up the flaming bird on his Pokedex as Moltres appears in another scene, flying amongst the flames of the torch. Ash claims that if the flames really did come from the legendary bird, then it's more than just a legend and that Moltres has to be real. Misty asks Ash that he wants to catch one and he agrees. He then says that he's going to train it as.. Misty finishes his sentence with; just like he trained Charizard as Ash falls down (anime style). He gets fired up with carrying the torch first but is stopped by Officer Jenny and says that only approved competitors are allowed to carry the flame. President Good-show shows up and let's him as he is handed a torch and the flame is carried over from the guy's torch to his and the gang head to Indigo Plataeu. Soon, Team Rocket comes to steal the flame and succeed but the president is secretly holding a spare flame of the fire bird if the flame of the torch ever went out. Meanwhile in Team Rocket's balloon, the flame is almost going out and Meowth turns the notch at the bottom of the torch which powers up the flame and then goes out, leaving the evil team burnt. With the spare flame, Ash's torch is relite and the event goes on. Both Misty and Brock also take a turn to carry the torch as well and make it to the stadium. The next day, the Pokemon League starts. A trainer, carrying the flame of Moltres runs to light the central torch but is stopped by Jesse and Jame's disguise and steals the torch again. Knowing who it is, Ash comes to take it back. Jesse lights the central torch and then a robot appears with the evil gang inside and steals it. Ash is powerless to stop them but when Team Rocket fires the flame at him, it surprisingly doesn't harm him. The phoenix appears, covers it's body with it's flames, and burns the team to a crisp, damaging their robot in the process as they blast off. Then Moltres relites the flame with it's flaming body and the Pokemon League Competition is saved.

Episode 18: The Search for a Legend
The Heavenly Legend, Hiroshi and Fire!

Ash's friend and rival, Richie hears on a ship that the guy who stopped the Gyarados wants to have a battle with Moltres. The boy tells him that Moltres is a Pokemon rumored to live forever and that one flap of it's wings can wash the darkest night sky in a bright crimson light but no one knows where to find it. The man introduces himself as Silver to the young trainer. They see two people walking over towards them and they introduce themselves as doctors who are accompanied by Silver. Richie asks them if they discovered where the legendary bird is going to appear next by they don't know where the fire bird will appear either, despite but Silver said earlier. They leave the Pokemon trainer and his Pikachu and he knows that they're hiding something. The ship stops at a town with a volcano and the boy sees the man with the doctors but then the ship starts to set sail, as the he jumps off the ship and lands at the dock. He runs off to find the three people and does. He tells them that if the phoenix is here, then he wants to see it. The doctor makes up an excuse but the man with his grass Pokemon says to tell him the truth. The doctor tells the trainer that seeing the flaming bird is rare but they found out that it goes from volcano to volcano in a pattern and that the legendary Pokemon will appear at the island where they are tomorrow, near the volcano. They kept this secret so that the public won't come, which would screw up their research. They think that it might be possible to harness the energy in Moltres' fire to use it as a power source so they're going to let the man have a battle with it, in order to catch some of it's fire to study. The young trainer wants to tag along with them but they disagree and leave him once again. While walking up the volcano, Richie hears a suspicious conversation between the doctors and another man and that they plan to capture Moltres after Silver weakens it in battle. After being saved by the man, the young Pokemon trainer warns him about the doctors but it doesn't concern him, just as long as he battles the phoenix. Later on, he tells Richie that he saw Moltres when he was young and says that the fire bird lit up the night sky and that finding it and battling it became his ultimate goal ever since that night. The next day, they come to the top of the volcano and see the legendary bird coming out from the smoke. Silver brings out his Salamence to battle it as it uses Hyper Beam but Moltres attacks with a weakened Flamethrower which causes the bird to be in pain. The doctors knew that this was going to happen and in-courage him to keep battling but he doesn't want to when the flaming bird is weak so they send out Pokemon and capture it in a net which shocks the bird. Silver's Salamence frees Moltres but the doctor's Pokemon attack it again but the dragon Pokemon saves it. The doctor's reveal themselves as Cassidy and Butch from Team Rocket and attack the fire Pokemon, as Silver, Richie, and Salamence are trapped in electric nets but free themselves. The man and the Pokemon trainer attack them as they blast off but Moltres, being in the net falls into the lava, they become worried about it. Suddenly the fire Pokemon rises out of the lava as it shots out a powerful Flamethrower, making the boy realize that Moltres goes from volcano to volcano in order to regain it's power from the lava. Being healed, Silver is able to battle the legendary Pokemon. The bird is strong but so is his Pokemon, who uses Dragon Breath but the fire type Pokemon creates a giant version of itself with it's flames. The volcano erupts and a giant piece of it falls towards the two but the fire bird saves them. Despite not being able to finish the battle, the two guys and Moltres part ways.

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