Moltres Merchandise

This is where Moltres' merchandise is. The items are categorize by when I add them, so the list is like this; odd items are at the top and the new items are at the bottom. I'm most likely not going to be able to add all of Moltres' merchandise since I'm limited to pictures and information but I'll surely add more :D

Moltres Figure

A 2 inch figure that is very common to find. The earliest Moltres figure that came to Japan in 1998 and later on in the US. Comes separately in Japan but comes in a pack in the US with the other legendary birds.

Moltres Battle Scene Figure

Another figure except it's in a battle pose. From the Advanced Generation of Pokemon figures. Made by Takaratomy.

Moltres Plush

A pose-able Moltres UFO plush that where only prizes from an arcade game in Japan.

Fire Island Playset - Moltres

Image 2 l Image 3 l Image 4

A cute playset that has Moltres' island; Fire Island like in the 2nd Pokemon movie. Includes a Moltres mini figure, a tornado, a bridge, a shrine, and a red sphere. Image 4 shows this playset and the other legendary bird ones can connect with a Shamouti Island playset that has Lugia and Slowking. Made in 2000 by Tomy and came to the US in 2001.

Moltres Combat Figure

Image 2

A lovely 6 inch Moltres combat figure that comes with two flames in it's wings. The wings and tail can be removed and Moltres' head can move left and right. Made in 2000 by Hasbro.

Moltres Burger King Toy

This was in one of the Burger King kids meals around the time when Pokemon the Movie 2000 was in theaters. A Pokemon card that makes the sound of each Pokemon with it's own stand.

Moltres Mini Plush

Image 2

A small Moltres plush on a keychain that came in Burger King kids meals around the time when Pokemon the Movie 2000 was in theaters.

Moltres Mini Skateboard

A finger skateboard with a picture of Moltres. Which includes removable wheels and a wrench as seen in the full image. It also includes two extra sets of wheels.

Moltres Moncelle Figure

A very small Pokemon Moncelle Plus minature figurine. Made by Tomy.

Moltres Zukan Figure

A Moltres Zukan Figure which Zukan means PokÚdex in Japan. From the Diamond and Pearl series. Made by Tomy.

Moltres Deluxe Figure

Image 2

A large Moltres figure that is pose-able at the wings and tail. Made by Tomy and came in 1999. Might be around 6 inches like the Articuno and Zapdos Deluxe Figures.

Moltres Bell Plush

A small Moltres plush that is kind of in the shape of a bell. Which is probably why they're named Bell Plush.

Moltres Action Flip Card

A small Moltres PokÚdex card that appears to have two images when moved.

Moltres Stamp

Image 2

A Moltres stamp from the Japanese stamp collection in 1977. The second image shows what the bottom looks like when stamped.

Moltres Badge

A badge with Moltres on it that came in 1999 at one of the Pokemon Center stores in Japan.