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Restoring.. Finished!

Dec 8, 2016
Hey! :D To make up for the lack of updates this year because of how busy I was with restoring all of those images, I'm making a small update today before the new year. This will be my last update entry for this layout since ever since Version 7, I've made five update entries for each layout (though the last update entry for Version 7 didn't include any updates ^^;). There's also the fact that this layout has been up for over 2 years lol I don't think any of the past layouts have been up for this long :O Like today's update title says, this update includes the final touches of the long and hard work of trying to restore as many images as possible, with the final touches done, the restoring images project is finished! 8D Wooo!! These touches are the restored versions of the Articuno episode screenshots and the small row of screenshots for Eps 407 and 408, which I'm proud to say that I was able to make all of the screenshots the same size thanks to having an upgraded version of Paint.Net on my kind of new laptop ^o^ My old laptop has the old version of that program so I couldn't do it on there >.< but since I was starting out on using this new tool the screenshots for 407 have mostly the same size but getting used to that tool, the screenshots for 408 are all the same size *v* at least when I checked them haha but now I can make better screenshots! Some of the screenshots for 407 aren't in good quality but most of them are and they're in widescreen :3, for 408 the screenshots are in full screen and in high quality though it has a Kiss Anime water mark but I choose quality over water marks, though I wasn't thinking about that for 407. I didn't think of getting 407 at Kiss Anime as well so that's why. Since the small row of screenshots are done for the last two Arti eps, I added the Japanese titles for those episodes just like I did for the other Legendary Bird eps. I noticed that I missed four pictures that I could have added last time but didn't get to on the Legendary Bird's picture gallery but now they're up and I've added a new image to that gallery as well ^^

For the images that I can't restore now only exists in 'Past Layouts' Many images on there are gone, especially all of the update entry screenshots that I added to all of the layouts, except for Version 9 since that layout was recent after the time that Majhost went down. The others are the banner for Version 6, the Real Images for Version 1 and 2, and there's also an old affiliate button that is missing as well on Version 3 that I uploaded to Maj. There's one more update; I was looking through the Top Sites and found out that Silver Dawn Topsites apparently doesn't exist when going to the site.. so since it's gone, it's been removed :/ While looking through the topsites, I've found a surprisingly new addition;.. Eevee Valley Topsites has cigarette themed sites added O.o So, I think it's been hacked or something >-> On the next update, I might be able to do something awesome for LB <3 So, another hiatus will happen and it's most likely going to be a long one because of that something awesome and I really need to re-word/fix episode summaries (not to mention a better summary for Ep 408, I was so lazy back then D8) and re-word/fix other pages that are included in old stuff that I typed about that have been on LB for years.. o-o But the hiatus won't come up just yet, I'll leave Legendary Birds open after a few months go by.


Aug 1, 2016
Since today's update title is 'Reviving' I continued restoring stuff but this is sadly not the last step to restoring LB, though the next update will most likely be the last step. For today I started restoring all of the picture galleries and gave them a new style in the process, with the past style being too old. The pictures that are added are mostly what was on the site and some that are new. For the episode screenshots I got all of them restored except for the last two Articuno episodes, which are 407 and 408 which I will revive myself seeing how no one made screenshots for these episodes (I didn't see any at least). But that will come on the next update and the last screenshot folder for Moltres episode 18 is missing so I did the rest of them, which comes to around 10 more screenshots. Since I couldn't get screenshots for 407 and 408, this also includes not being able to restore the small row of screenshots for these episodes in Articuno's page :/ but that will also come in the next update as well. When reviving the picture galleries I decided to install Litebox which counts the total amount of pictures in each gallery and being able to go through the pictures with only a click away. Litebox is similar to what Serebii has when an image's thumbnail is clicked; a box will pop up with the clicked image inside instead of opening up another page (or another tab). Cool, huh? Though I have to stick with the galleries still being separated from the rest of the site's pages or installing Litebox screws up the layout >.< Thought I could have the galleries in a table on the site with the other pages but with Litebox I can't and I don't want to get rid of it so I went back to the old ways and gave it a new style. Because of this I added the layout's content image in behind each table, which each table is colored in to suit each gallery like before except with some new colors and a better look. Though Litebox only works in Firefox and to save images in that browser you need to right click the image and click 'Open Link in New Tab' since I don't know how to save images with Litebox.

For the rest of the updates I restored all of the small row of screenshots in each bird's page except for the Articuno eps. I added more stuff in 'Minor Anime Appearances' which are; 1st & 13th Opening, Ep 13, 35, 187, & Pokerap (which is a bonus addition :D). I added Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros for Wii U, which are Moltres only sadly D: and added the Trophies as well. For the next update, I will still continue to restore more stuff, which as I said already will include the rest of the Articuno pictures since not all of the blue birdy's episodes are in the gallery at the moment and the episodes small row of screenshots and that will be it for what I can restore (sadly can't restore the missing past layout images D;). I almost forgot, I have updated 'Credits' and added the original titles (the Japanese ones) to the episode appearances that have restored screenshots, including info on what season the episodes come from (if they're not in the first season that is) just like 'Minor Episode Appearances' has. For new additions for LB, I didn't have a chance to make screenshots or summaries for the new Moltres episode that appears in the XY series and the new Zapdos episode that appears in the XYZ series (XY & Z in Japan) for the fact that I was and still am busy at restoring most of the lost images but once that project is done I will add them, so that may come on the next update as well :>


March 8, 2016
It's a new year for LB but there is still a lot of restoring to do and this is the second step to bringing back the images so that the site can finally be viewed normally. There's at least one more step to go after this update since I did even more restoring. These pages have been restored; Trading Cards, Game Appearances (the rest of the used to be broken images have been completely restored), and all of the merchandise pages are restored as well; Articuno Merchandise, Moltres Merchandise, and Zapdos Merchandise. The merchandise pages have not only been restored but are now upgraded to a new set up style with a new html code that I recently discovered and there's new merch for these pages as well. For Articuno there is; A badge, an image of a new version of the very first figure, a deluxe figure, a mini snowboard, and a theme deck. Since Moltres had more merch than Articuno or Zapdos I only added a badge but with this update, maybe Moltres doesn't have that many merch anymore XD For Zapdos there is; a badge, a shiny version of the combat figure, a deluxe figure, and a theme deck. All of the new merch have been added below each page like I always have. Since I had to start from scratch with mostly all of the images, that also went for the trading cards so some have been added before the Majhost crash and some have not, just wanted to make a note for that. For 'Game Appearances' I have added Stadium and Ranch but the Stadium ones have the camera stuff on the images like showing how many photos can be taken and the white bolders around the photo. I'm not sure if that stuff where on the first versions that I took or not but even so I couldn't get anything better since the screenshots were from a N64 emulator so only so much could be shown sadly.. For new stuff I am pleased to announce that LB has a 'Puzzles' page! :D Yay! Five puzzles have been added to that page and later on I might even add five new puzzles until the first ones have been up for a year or so. I was checking out LB's affiliates and found out that two of them have been turned into Japanese sites D: Why? I have no idea but it happened to these sites; Lavender Town and Swalot's Avenue so I added them to 'Broken Affiliates'.. Pokemon fan sites just come and go, don't they? :( Only three more remaining.. will another one fall? I shall see..

For the next step on restoring the images will be all of the picture galleries and the episode appearance images on each of the bird's profiles. New pictures will be added to the galleries and maybe I'll add more episode appearances for Moltres and Zapdos since new episodes of these birds have been added recently. Even though the new episode for Zapdos doesn't have an English version yet unlike the Moltres one, I may still add it. For Articuno there is sadly no sign of a new episode but does have a minor appearance in both of the episodes.

Restored Images

Nov 28, 2015
Sorry about the wait but I had to get lots of images, then make thumbnails for the images that needed them, and then uploaded them to Post Image, which is the new image host that I'm now using and have been using for a while. It took a lot of work since so many images have been broken thanks to Majhost.. and since that happened I had to get the images back by starting from scratch. I restored images from these pages; Sprites, Legend of the Guardian, Game Appearances, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Note that not all the images on those pages are completely restored but it's close to it. Only some images are still broken. For 'Sprites' I have also included another sprite section since the sprites from Pokemon Colosseum that used to be in the main section have been moved to the new one and since I found more sprites :D For 'Legend of the Guardian' I have updated the description about the legend, including having better edges for that round Lugia image in Gimp since I didn't know much about that program when that page was new. And note that so many of these restored images are different from the original images before the Majhost down fall since it's impossible to get the exact images without that stupid image host. That's all the restored images that I have added at the moment but more will be added on the next update. Last but not least, I had no choice but to remove 'Word Search'... because of the site that hosts that word search is now gone.. it actually has been gone for months now and was removed shortly after I added that page on the previous update D,: So much for the Legendary Fun section in the navigation.. >.< And on a side note, I had to shorten the names of some of the pages to reduce room in the navigation hover, so some of them sound weird but this makes for a better way to navigate through the pages.

Soaring in the Sky

May 1, 2015
Yay, Legendary Birds is back! :D Introducing Version 10: Soar; which is the first layout that has three banners, one for each Legendary birdie and includes a drop down menu with more width in the content. Note that it may take a while for the banner to change, so it won't always change on every page. Added a lot of text shadow, which is a new text effect that can add a shadow like effect on the text, though it doesn't work in Internet Explorer but that's alright since my layouts usually don't work good in that browser. I decided to use the images on the birds' profile images for each banner since Majhost is down so I'm limited on pictures and wanted to make a simple banner for the fact I made three of them. I added a new section in the navigation called Legendary Fun, that includes two new pages 'Word Search' and 'Polls' if I find a online puzzle maker, I'll add a puzzles page to it as well c: The Guest Book is finally back in business but it's a new set up since I had to find another free guest book making site. And updated 'About This Layout' and 'Past Layouts' like with every new layout that comes along.

I tried using the Style Switcher and failed, oh well. I can't do it myself for some reason so I'm gonna have to contact her to get it set up for me.. by going into the site's account, something like this never happened to me before so I'm nervous about it but it's the only way I can get it to work D: But I'm going to wait until this layout is up for a year or more. Maybe then LB will finally have it's Style Switcher :D In other news, I'm thinking of at least reviving the sprites since I can get them back easier than the other pictures and maybe ever the birds' Pokedex pictures as well but if I do that won't come until later. Man, I wish Majhost would come back DX I'm still bugged by this. Sorry visitors but it's not in my control, if I was in control, Majhost would be up by now.

More Minor Anime Appearances :D

March 6, 2015
I'm sorry for not updating for a while but I was busy updating my other sites, especially since Majhost the stupid image hosting site that hosts pictures from most of my sites including Legendary Birds is "down for maintenance" and it's been like this since January D: but back then I was thinking that it'll probably be down for so many weeks which turned into months D,: It wasn't that big of a deal when it was down for so many weeks but now I don't know what I was thinking of trusting that messed up image host D< I've done a lot of image reviving for my one site that I don't want to try the same method for my other sites as well. I probably won't be able to revive that much in the first place and it's hard to do such a thing when you can't see the images DX If image titles match up to the ones that I can find then I can do that but some end up being left behind cause I can't find a match =/ So, yeah.. most of Legendary Bird's images are broken -_- But I will revive them and upload them to a new host... when Majhost returns.

Sigh.. Now that the bad news has been told, it's time for some good news :D I've added five episodes and one movie to 'Minor Anime Appearances' which the 13th movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions and Ep 188: Spring Fever uses screen-shots from two of my DVDs :3 Since I have the 13th movie and a DVD that includes some episodes of Johto League Champions which is where Ep 188 is from. The rest are screen shots from episodes that I found online. I'm actually done with those minor appearances, well the episodes, specials, and movies that is, but there are some openings that include the birds so I'll probably include those somewhere in the future. In other news, my affiliate Takharri moved and has a new name PokePrint, which I like c: Even though that e-mail was sent near the end of January but I was busy then but it's better being late than never doing it at all :) And now some news on Legendary Birds' future, I'm thinking of trying to use the Style Switcher.. again. Tried it back in 2010 and failed but I believe I have a better chance to use it since I'm getting help from the owner of one of the affiliates; Stareon's Hideout. I was interested in using it for one of my sites but it didn't go well but even so I'm willing to try it for Legendary Birds. Maybe I won't have such a hard time with it this time. So, that might come soon.

Minor Anime Appearances

November 15, 2014
It felt like it took forever but I finally got a good amount of stuff on the new page; 'Anime Appearances' but the full title is in today's update title but the title was too long so I shortened it :3 I'm still working on that page which will be updated every time I update until I get all of the birdies minor appearances. If you want to learn more about the page, check it out! :D For months I have been updating 'Credits' but I sadly couldn't get everything down. It's impossible since I got the rest of the stuff when LB was new.. It's funny, I try to add as much credit as I can but I don't act like this on my other sites. That's because I was trying to affiliate with Sora a wonderful Moltres and Pokemon site.. *o* but every time I tried, I kept failing DX So, maybe I should just stop crediting stuff just so LB can affiliate to a certain site. But I'll let the visitors chose.. there's a poll below to vote on and I'll then decide whether or not to keep updating 'Credits'. As I said in my August update I didn't find many good ones so I'll take some screen-shots and add them on the next update ;) I added more Pokemon Origins screen-shots, I decided to replace the ones I already have with my own versions and added some new ones as well. In all, there are 10! ^-^ I also made some minor updates; one of my affiliates, Unknown Ruins went down but since I forgot about the site until I read my past updates, I finally added it to 'Broken Affiliates' after so many months without knowing. Last but not least I changed most of the episode numbers for the birdies profiles since I'm sticking with Wikipedia for episode numbers. The only episode number that I didn't change was Episode 18 in Moltres' profile since Pokemon Chronicles is actually a spin-off :O I didn't know that.. but maybe I forgot about it being a spin-off, I don't know XD Because of knowing this I made a little note above the legendary fire birdies' Episode Appearance.

Should I keep giving credit to every picture in the future?
Yes, you should. It's the right thing to do.
No. Not every site gives credit to pictures they use.
It's up to you.
Poll Maker

I would have made this poll smaller in width if I knew how to but I don't.

The 5th Affiliate!

August 17, 2014
I was going to wait until I have more than one update but that could take months.. so I thought why not update now? XD I checked my e-mail almost two weeks ago and found an affiliation request! Yay! :D Which is a cute Eevee site called Stareon's Hideout ^.^ and includes Eevee's evolutions too c: It reminds me of LB's old affiliate, Eevee Valley :'< I miss that site.. Around the time of finding that e-mail, I noticed that I ended up forgetting to add Swalots-Avenue to the affiliates list, again! DX That's because I make a copy of each layout to use later on as a past layout since I take out the page links. Back when Legendary Birds' was using version 8, I didn't add Swalots-Avenue to the copy as well like I should have since I use previous layouts as a guide for future layouts. It's a good thing I looked at my previous updates or I wouldn't have noticed. Just as I do with any affiliate/s that I forget to add, I added the site right away.

Sprites! A Butt-Load of Them! :D

August 5, 2014
I could have updated sooner but I was busy updating two of my other sites, especially the one. But I'm back with an update! :D I added a butt-load of sprites, a few that I realized where missing.. 10 regular sprites, a few redo sprites (a few didn't have the right look) and 15 animated sprites. I also updated the lists since there where some mistakes. Added 8 images which include a few from the Pokemon special; Pokemon Origins c: I didn't find many good ones so I'll take some screen-shots and add them on the next update ;) I updated 'About The Site' with some more info about my first experience with the legendary birdies ^-^ The favicon was getting old so I made a new one with the new Articuno inbox sprite :D which looks a lot better! :3 I crossed out 'Guestbook' since the site that hosts the Guestbook no longer works. I've known about this for a while but I left it alone, hoping it would come back but it hasn't D: Not sure if I'm going to get another guestbook or not but for now Legendary Birds doesn't have one :/ Oh well, not many people signed it anyway >.< And last but not least, I finally got around to updating 'Credits' since I deserted it for so long that it's hard to know where I got a good amount of stuff from... I felt bad about it so for now on I will (at least try to) update it every time I add something that isn't mine. Which I did include at least almost everything for this update or most of it. Even though I updated 'Credits' it still needs updated so all of the credits sections except the main credits are all under construction until I add at least almost everything that includes those sections. I won't be able to add credit to everything since I didn't mark down every single site I got them from at first but I'll try to add most of it.

New Year, New Layout, New Stuff!

April 4, 2014
After over a year of Version 8, Version 9 is finally here! :D Sorry about the wait but I didn't have an idea for this layout until somewhere in March. I really enjoy the outcome, it feels like the site really has upgraded ^-^ This update felt like it took forever to complete but after about 5 days of hiatus it's finally done! I updated Articuno's, Moltres' and Zapdos' pages with new profile images that I manged to make the backgrounds transparent with a nice glow white lining and made a card like look for the Pokedex Information section which took a long time to figure out, even though I removed some info like the HP percentage, the attack percentage, things like that. On 'Sprites' I decided to add some animated sprites since the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y ones are animated which 5 of them for each bird are animated. I also added one new sprite for each bird that isn't animated which is a new version of the birds in the Inbox. I also found three new pictures for each bird and a redo of a Moltres picture that is already included in the gallery. Instead of 'Avatars' being by it's lonesome in the Freebie section I removed that section and placed 'Avatars' in the Images section. As usual when a new layout comes, I updated 'About This Layout' and added Version 8 to 'Past Layouts'. That's all the updates for now, until the next update. Hope you guys enjoy the layout cause it wasn't that easy to make especially the text in the banner D: but as usual, it was worth it despite the hard work.

Merchandise and Trading Cards

November 30, 2013
A couple weeks ago I searched ebay to find some new merchandise to add and I found a few, an old stamp for each bird which makes three altogether and I found a three new trading cards for each bird as well. I also decided to do some editing around the site but they're just small edits here and there so there's no point to announce it but ever since I decided to do some editing, I almost completely updated 'Past Layouts' with some small edits, bigger thumbnails for each layout, changed the introduction of the page a little, and added Version 7's Update Avatar since unlike the other layouts I never used just one avatar for each layout and used multiple avatars for updating instead so I decided to add it. I noticed that the pages 'Contact Me' and 'Coloring Pages' have been removed, mostly likely since I no longer wanted them anymore since the only way to contact me is using my e-mail which is on 'About The Site' page. And I deleted the other page since it didn't seem right to have them since I didn't make them unlike my one site that I actually made coloring pages for but since that's done I only have one page for Freebies which has been changed to Freebie since there's only the 'Avatars' page left..

An Affiliate Lost.. But One Found

September 9, 2013
Since I gained a new affiliate, it's time for an update! :D Haha, it seems that having a new affiliate is the only way I get into the mood to update XD The new affiliate this time is Lavender Town which surprisingly used to be my broken affiliate, 6th Floor! :3 It turns out that 6th Floor was having some issues which is why it was down.. but has came back with a new name! :D But I've sadly lost an affiliate.. PokeZoom which is now with the sad broken affiliates... :'< I see a lot of Pokemon fan sites having this kind of problem where you can't see them anymore.. it's weird since I own a Hamtaro fan site as well but only a few of them have problems like this.. I wonder why :/ Since I have a new affiliate now, I added six more trading cards, two for each bird.

New Page: Broken Affiliates

June 8, 2013
I've just realized that I forgot to add Swalots-Avenue to the Affiliates list in the navigation! I announced the site in my past update but haven't added it! D: I'm so sorry! I can be forgetful sometimes >.< But I have now added it! :D So it's all better :3 Speaking of affiliates, I've noticed that a few aren't working.. so I have added a 'Broken Affiliates' page today ever since I archived my old affiliate: Razor Shell back when it used to be called Mijumaru's Water Oath using the awesome Archive.org which gave me the idea in the first place. Here are the rest of the updates: Added a new section in 'Game Appearances' called Super Smash Bros Melee Trophies with the images included of course, added three sprites (one for each bird) for Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs in 'Sprites', New Item in 'Articuno Merchandise': Articuno Zukan Figure, four redo pictures (one for each bird's picture gallery) and one for Bird Pictures, added three new pictures (one for each bird's picture gallery) that I surprisingly found at Pokemon.com even though it was in the Pokemon Snap section but the images look like they are from Pokemon Battle Revolution O.o I've also changed the background and font color for Moltres' Picture Gallery since the font was hard to read.

New Affiliate and Some Updates!

February 8, 2013
Yay, affiliate! 8D This time isn't PokeZoom or PZ for short :3 Since I have a new affiliate I got into the mood to updating more around the site than just adding the affiliate button XD A new deck of trading cards called Black & White - Plasma Storm appeared on Pokemon.com so I checked the site seeing new trading cards of the Legendary birdies <3 They where so awesome that I added them to the site c: I also found a sweet looking Articuno desktop wallpaper on the mini site as well and added it to LB in 'Articuno Pictures' It wasn't long before I found out that I accidentally forgot all about the Trading Cards page! D: So, now it's re-added! Along with 6 more trading cards! :3 After saving images of the trading cards I went to see if there was any merchandise that I was willing to add and there was, a Pose-able Figure of Moltres that I have added to 'Moltres Merchandise'. I even found game appearance images of the following games; Pokemon Battle Revolution, Super Smash Bros Melee and Pokemon Rumble that is added to 'Game Appearances'.

The Beautiful Sunset

November 28, 2012
Told you the layout was coming soon! :3 And it's quite a beauty! ;D I really love the sunset like colors, yes this layout is based on a sunset that I actually saw; the sky blue sky blending in with the orange of the sun! <3 It was a beautiful sight like most sunsets ^-^ I thought a Moltres avatar would be a good match with this layout because of Moltres being the bird of fire and how the sun is hot like fire :D Other than the new layout, I also updated 'About This Layout' with the information on this layout and added the previous layout to 'Past Layouts'. But that's it for today, until the next update! :3

What is Going On?

November 22, 2012
What the heck is going on with my affiliates?! Only two of them are available but the rest aren't.. I was going to change the link for Primal Vania since the old one no longer works but now the new one that the owner of the site gave me in the Guest book is gone too! D: The title of the site had a few differences but I can't go the site and see what it is :/ Blah.. I guess all I can do now is wait and see what happens. In other news, I finally have ideas for a new layout! :D It's only an idea at the moment but I'll work on it soon. If not in November, it will come in December. I can't believe how fast the months went by, first it's January when this layout came to be available on the site and now it's November XD This layout has been here for far.. too... long! D: It needs to change.. badly. It's been up for over.. nine months... O_O Wow.. Anyway, New Layout, Coming Soon! :3

Another Affiliate?! YEEESS!!

August 9, 2012
(*does Mr. Bison YEEESS line* If you watch any Youtube Poops, you might know Mr. Bison XD And the show he's on but I don't know it.. but he's YEEESES are funny but boy is he scary.. o-o) Yep, another affiliate! *o* I do think I deserve them ever since I lost Razor Shell and Eevee Valley.. D,: (And Shocktail from the brightness of the Zapdos layout >3< But that was my doing..) Yes, I still miss being affiliated with them ): But some sites just have to change. But anywho, the new affiliate is Swalots-Avenue! Thank You! :D That's all for now, until next time.

More Trading Cards

July 23, 2012
Just added four new trading cards for each bird, which makes.. 12 in all :D I also removed two pages: Contact Me (because I don't need it anymore) and Coloring Pages (since they're not mine anyways so why did I even create such a page? :/). I'm also proud to say that LB has it's sixth affiliate! Introducing Unown Ruins, a site that mostly features Pokemon legends. Which I read a few actually and plain to read more :3 I almost couldn't find the site since I accidentally deleted the e-mail but luckily one of my affiliates was affiliated to the exact site. Yay! :D Since I removed Coloring Pages, the Avatars page looks so lonely D: I might be adding another Freebie page if I get an idea but that won't be until the next update.

New Page: Trading Cards

April 2, 2012
LB now has a trading card page! :D I thought of this a while ago and already had some trading card pictures uploaded to began with but didn't want to announce and make the page until today. I'm not sure what the trading card pictures I have are called since I'm not big into Pokemon card collecting, even though I do have a trading card book filled with old first generation Pokemon (plus other old first generation cards). I guess I was a card collector back then but not now but it doesn't mean I don't like them. Ahh, good old Pokemon days <3 Back when Pokemon the Movie 2000 was out and when the second Pokemon generation was coming. Sometimes I wish I could some now go back in time when I first got into Pokemon.. back in 1999 or even the beginning of 2000. Not sure what the exact year was or at what age I was.. hmm. All I know is that my sister got me into Pokemon since she used to be a fan back then, I get a lot of my interests from her actually. Anywho back to the here and now; if anyone noticed the layout looks kind of different and that is because I made the border between the content and the navigation and the other navigation border off to the side smaller. The border just seemed too fat D: which I just had to fix. When something bothers me, it's mostly a must to fix it. Sometimes I remind myself of Mr. Monk from Monk, not the monk, monk. The tv show, Monk (it's about a guy named Mr. Monk who solves crimes using his sometimes brilliant but other times not so brilliant skills.. just look it up if your curious instead D:). Anyways, the layout is updated and that's all the updates for this entry. Goodbye :3

New and Improved

January 11, 2012
Finally, a fresh brand-new layout! :D And it's way better than the past ones. I love this layout! <3 It's so beautiful! ^o^ And I even added a cute new avatar to go with it :3 While LB was on hiatus I also fixed up the coding on some pages to look better. As you can see there's a lot of new stuff on the lovely navigation :D I brought the "Splash" page back since I missed it D: and added a new Enter image and fixed the coding up a little. I added a new page called "About This Layout" which features information about the featured layout (the one that is being used on the site at the moment). I'm starting to add more information on my layouts so that page had to be born :3 You can also see that the merchandise pages are in a section in the navigation and since the "Merchandise" page is no longer needed I removed it. Got the idea from Eevee Valley (one of my now old affiliates D:). It's a neat idea so why not use it ;) Now that LB is no longer affiliated with Razor Shell and Eevee Valley I had to remove them D,: I'm going to miss them so much.. Rest in Peace to both sites (even though they aren't really dieing just having a complete make over; lol what I'm I? A beauty salon person?! XD That's so not me D:) There's also one last thing I added to the navigation; 'Works Best In' this will tell the visitors which browsers the featured layout works best in. Even though Google Chrome is having the same issue as Internet Explorer with the font headers.

I'm proud to say that SSI is finally back which is why I was able to remove the affiliates and create a new layout. It just suddenly came back one afternoon but only the pages that are in "htm" work only which all of my sites use that same page format but then there's some favorite sites of mine that are hosted by Webs that are in a different format =/ It's so strange that only one format works O_o

New Merchandise!

November 24, 2011
I found new merchandise! YAY!! 8D But first.. I have some affiliate news; Yeah, I took down the site that used to be Coordinator's Colosseum which is now The Shadow Core down since I don't think the owner wants any Pokemon site's for affiliates since he's/she's affiliates are gone. So, yeah ^^' And since Eevee Valley and Razor Shell are turning into personal site's soon LB will no longer be affiliated with them and I'll take them down once both site's aren't affiliated with me anymore, also since Webs which used to be called FreeWebs took my ability to use SSI which makes updating the layout much quicker they will still be up. Since I'm too lazy to take them down on all pages since my poor SSI had to leave meh D,X cause Webs had to be a gay (not saying that they're gay but that what I call stuff that makes me mad) because they won't put it back UP! Sorry I had to complain back there but if they WANT to KEEP their users they SHOULD put SSI BACK!! D< And I used to love Webs... D,:

Anyway, for today's update; New Merchandise: Two new Articuno and Zapdos plushies that I found on ebay (which is where I mostly find in merchandise)!! :D But sadly no Moltres one D: I call them Second Plushies! ^-^ Also a Moltres Zukan Figure and a Moltres Action Flip Card. New Merchandise Pictures: For all first plushies since I found better pictures :3 And since I no longer have that first Articuno Plushie picture that belongs to TST I took the credit off "Credits"

Sweet I'm making this update on a holiday! :D

Affiliates Edits

October 11, 2011
Changed links for Takharii's Stuff and Poliwag's Lake (which is now Pocharomo since I changed the button :3 Thought it would be a good idea to change it.) And I know I should have done this months ago but I changed the link and button for Coordinator's Colosseum. I am so not good at links changing so much, must be a Pokemon fan site thing or something. I have noticed that my guest book had link issues again, so that's fixed. That's it for now, I've found a place to make quizzes on Razor Shell. As someone from the old guest book said something about making a quiz then I thought of making a Which Legendary Bird Are You? one but it's gonna take a while to think of the questions. Hopefully, that will come soon :> It'll be interesting to create one :3

The Legendary Bird of Ice, Articuno!

September 3, 2011
(I did want to update yesterday but I couldn't make it >->) Sorry for the lack of updates the past three months. I didn't want to update using the internet outside on my porch it's not a good place to update sites -.- Now, the internet is finally back! (At least for now..) And I can update LB again! :D As you can see, the site has a new layout! Just like with the Zapdos layout, I edited this one as well. I also added a new page; "Game Appearances" but the whole title really is "Platform Game Appearances" but I wanted the page title on the navigation to be shorter. It features the birds appearances on platform Pokemon games. I got two sections of their appearances so far but if I can get or find the pictures for the rest of their game appearances I'll add them. While I still didn't have internet I found out that Mijumaru's Water Oath (one of my affiliates) renamed the site to; Razor Shell. Impressive name to me :3 And so as the site's name is changed so does the button.

That's all the updates for now, it's getting hard to update this site since I don't really know what to put unless it's affiliate stuff =/ Anything that you think I should add? Type your answers at the guest book =)

Back Sprites

May 21, 2011
Ah, finally.. a time when I can update LB. I did want to update before since I was working on renewing the second layout but my internet service went off from not having enough money to pay the bills T-T I can update now since I'm at my sister's which has internet access, it's a really good thing that she did move out with her boyfriend or I'll probably be internet less for a few months (or whenever the time comes). I could always use my friend's internet but then I'll pay attention to the internet more than her though.. me and my internet obsession, it's been going on for years D: I get really sad and depressed about it =/ There's also getting access from outside my dinky porch though.

Anyway since I'm not so internet less at the moment I finished up renewing the second layout, started working on the first layout renewing; finished that. And thought of adding the Back Sprites, there's five for each bird so that makes a total of fifth-teen new sprites, wow o.o they're together with the Red/Green/Blue/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal, etc. ones. If I can keep thinking of things to update and if I feel like it, I'll update once a month once again.

Zapdos Layout, Enhanced

April 5, 2011
As the title says I enhanced this layout along with a affiliate hover. The first version was the same style as the Moltres one. I just had to change it, I'll probably do the same for the Articuno layout that's coming next. While making a different version of this layout. I thought of doing some updates a long the way: New Section on About the Site; Layout Browsing, which is basically information on which browsers that I have work best with the layouts and which don't. Like always, I added the previous layout (Version 4: Moltres Version) to Past Layouts. Also one new picture that I thought of adding to the Legendary Birds Picture Gallery. That's it for now :)

Eh, Just a Few Edits

March 9, 2011
Yeah, just some editing I have. Let's see; changed the site address on Shocktail. And since Poke Vania changed to Primal Vania, I changed the button and the site address as well. Which the changes appeared last month XD I haven't been working on anything on LB for soooo loooong, I feel like I should work on something much more but I don't know what to do =/

Update in February

February 8, 2011
Just another small affiliate update; Changed Takharii's Stuff link since the site moved to a new address and changed the button cause of it being changed. There's also a new affiliate: 6th Floor, it's the first forum site I ever affiliated with ^^ never affiliated with one before on my other site so I feel real good about it :D

More Free Avatars

January 18, 2011
I wanted to update sooner but Webs (which used to be called Freewebs) had a problem that lasted about three days or more. It wasn't showing sites that had this address: site-title-example.webs.com. With the internet providers: Comcast and At&t. I have Comcast so it wasn't showing those sites for some unknown reason.. now that the problem is fixed I can update! :D I didn't want this to be just an affiliate update (since I did some updating on it) so I added six more avatars ^-^ I didn't feel like making another set of avatars for me to use in my updates so I'm using all five of the free Moltres avatars, which will be the same thing when the Zapdos and Articuno layout comes. The affiliate part of the update is that LB has it's eighth affiliate: Takhariis's Stuff, a new but growing site ^^ Also The Shining Darkness has shut down and a new site is born: Coordinator's Colosseum.

We're Back!

January 2, 2011
Back from our long hiatus, I updated a lot of stuff. Mostly updated the pages though. Here are the pages that I updated: Credits, About the Site (the history), and the birds descriptions on their pages. I added some things as well: there new pictures; Articuno-Dream, Moltres-Dream and Zapdos-Dream. Four new sprites: Articuno Walk Sprite, Moltres Walk Sprite and Zapdos Walk Sprite and a Black and White Zapdos sprite, all from Bulbapedia. I also added the 3rd layout to the "Past Layouts" and kept the coding as well. It doesn't seem much as I type in the list for today's update but it sure took a while to get everything ready, especially the Credits page. That took almost forever D: Instead of having scrollbars for each section of the merchandise, I made a page for each bird with a separated page. Had to get another guest book since that one had an error that I couldn't figure out to fix it. Took out the Splash and Watch Online pages, Splash because of being tired of making a new splash image every time a new layout comes to match but it might come back. The Watch Online cause, it didn't seem right to have videos that don't belong to you, if I had the episodes and uploaded them to Megavideo I could but, I don't. I only have the one Articuno episode: Freeze Frame.

Legendary Birds Advertised at Topsites

December 3. 2010
As the title says: I've added the site to four topsites. to let the site be seen more than it used to. I also got a new affiliate: The Shining Darkness. That's it, until the next update.

Rules for Affiliating

November 22, 2010
I don't know why I didn't have a Rules for Affiliating section before but now I do (which is on "Link to Us") since I got an e-mail from a person who wants to affiliate with the site saying where my affiliation page was. Haha, when I created this site I forgot all about having that XD So, I thank you for telling me :D

Free Avatars

November 7, 2010
Yep, free avatars! Just made them a few minutes ago. Made three for each bird which makes a total of nine avatars! :D Since I made free avatars on my one site, I thought of making some for this site as well. Going to be adding more pages to the freebies section, like a free layouts page =3 This is it, for now. See ya, my lovely visitors! ^-^

Coloring Pages

October 18, 2010
Finally updated something that doesn't involve affiliate/s which is a Coloring Pages, got them from some non english site. Forgot the name though XD Maybe I'll know it some time in the future so I can credit them. There's eight pages if you want to know. I also got another new affiliate (I can't believe how many e-mails I get that involve affiliating with this site O.o And I love it! :D) called Poliwag's Lake, a very cute Pokemon site indeed with such a cute Poliwag in the avatar ^o^

Another New Affiliate!

October 4, 2010
Yay! :D Just looked at my e-mail and what do you know, another affiliate e-mail! :3 Now it's: Mijumaru's Water Oath which is a cute Pokemon site ^^ Returned the guest book to the site but had to make another one since I don't remember the user name and password. If you want to know why the links on the guest book page are a dark blue color it's because the guest book's links color is.

New Affiliate!

September 27, 2010
Yay! Another affiliate for LB! :D This time it's PokeVania! Thought I wasn't going to get an new e-mails yesterday but I did :3 And that's about it. I also took out the update border as you can see, it just wasn't needed anymore. I think I should put that guest book back up some day.

Affiliates! :D

September 15, 2010
Now LB really has links and affiliates! Took up the courage to ask a few sites to affiliate with them. I was nervous at first seeing how long I didn't ask to but I'm glad that I did ^^ Got two affiliates by the way, waiting for one more though. That's all the updates for now, see ya soon ^-^

New Layout!

September 12, 2010
We have a whole new layout! I was getting really tired of the three column look so I made it a two column layout instead :D I also added a new page which features the past layouts of the site. I was planning to make a Past Layouts page once the 3rd layout was born. Also found two more items for the merchandise page: Moltres Bell Plush and a Zapdos Bell Plush. Not sure if there's an Articuno one available. I never seen one before so I'm guessing it's not available =/ Oh well. Hope you like the layout! ^-^

More Updates

September 3, 2010
Finished the merchandise page with 12 new items. Removed the guestbook since it seemed like there was no need to have it. Updated the credits page with credit on the merchandise and made the update blog 100 times bigger.

Merchandise - Under Construction

September 2, 2010
Yep, got a lot to do on that page. Gonna take off that table code which makes the image go on one side of the page and the content to the other side. And going to be using scroll bars for each section, also going to add more items to each section as well. No updates for today, just news for the site.

Site History

August 22, 2010
First things first; the lovely avatar is from Flygon Hollow. I give them credit for the avatar and the future avatars that are from that site as well. Very small update for today, I only added a section to "About the Site" called Site History just like the title. I typed in a short history about Legendary Bird's first hiatus and enlarged the update blog. Told you it was very small :P

Updated Merchandise

July 26, 2010
Updated the Merchadise page into a whole new look except the font is a bit too big O_o I'm guessing the table code made the font go to size 18 or something. The page is updated with six new items. Plushes and playsets for each birdie. Also I thought of having the episode summaries to be in a section of each bird's page. For example: the Moltres episodes go to that bird's page and so on like the other two. Now, there isn't a need to have the episodes page there anymore. That's it for now. See ya next time!


July 21, 2010
Yay.. I failed at doing the style switcher.. cause of two reasons. I need to make the pages in php file but I don't have php/never worked with it before. And since it seems too hard for my brain D: So, no style switcher/layouts for style switcher. Buuut.. I did renewed the picture galleries which are: Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and the Legendary Birds one. AND! I am pleased to announce that all of the episode summaries are done. That's all for today's update, good day.

Upcoming News

June 20, 2010
There will be a few things that I will be working on in the next few months. Not sure how long this is gonna take, it might take more than a few months. It depends on how much I'm gonna work on it. Theses are the things I will be working on: The Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos pictures will be renewed along with more new pictures! The next thing is: The upcoming Artcuno, Moltres, and Zapdos layouts for the Style Switcher. Hopefully theses two things will be done by the next few months. Until then, there will be no new updates for the next few months.

Edit: Took out the Anime Appearances out of the Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos page since it seemed to me that there was no use to have them.

New Banner and Splash Image

May 20, 2010
Yep, a new banner and splash image! :D Was getting tired of the old ones. Now that I did, I will change the banner and splash image once in a long time. But that's mainly it. I also added a couple more detail to the "About the Site". Changed the Site Status navigation a little and added a new counter. That's all for this month, see ya on the next update! :3

Merchandise Page Opened

April 23, 2010
I started working on the merchandise page a few days ago. So the page is only started on. I only started on showing three merchandise items for all three birds for a start. It won't be finished for a while but hey, at least it's opened, right? Haven't continued working on the layouts for the style switcher yet. Been thinking of renewing the Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos pictures since there's quite a lot of pictures that need renewed especially the Zapdos pictures which almost half of them are small. So, that would be renewed soon. After I work on more of the merchandise page and continue working on the layouts.

Style Switcher - Coming Soon

April 13, 2010
This is not an update, just news for the site. Just as the title says, a Style Switcher is coming soon. It's something that I never tried yet and whiling to learn how. There will be layouts for each Legendary Bird. One for Articuno, one for Moltres, and one for Zapdos. And of course the default one which will be the layout that is shown. I might make another one later, like a Pokemon 2000 the Movie one. I'm currently working on the Moltres and Zapdos layouts, will soon work on the Articuno one. I hope I can make theses layouts with no problems that I can't accomplish cause if there is one. Then I might not even put a Style Switcher up for any of my sites so keep your fingers crossed.

If you didn't notice, I made three new avatars to use when I update since the other ones where getting old. I made the avatars from pictures of one of the trading card game styles. This update is an Articuno avatar, the next one will be a Moltres one! :D

New Pokemon Games: Heart Gold and Soul Silver!

March 8, 2010
Two new Pokemon games are coming out in stores this month! In March 14, 2010 to be exact which is soon. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are remakes to the past Pokemon games: Pokemon Gold and Silver. Which new features and way better graphics, including a never before item called the Poke Walker! And I am so defendantly going to get Soul Silver since I have Pokemon Gold already from ebay a month back :3 Since I prepaid $20 to Gamestop in the Johnstown mall I have to pay the rest there too O.o but thankfully my parents are planing to go there a day after the two games come out, which is alright with me. Even though I would love to get it as fast as I can but no, oh well. Anyway, also if you got Soul Silver, you will also receive a cool looking Lugia figure ^.^ and if you get Heart Gold, you will receive a Ho-oh figure! I don't exactly know how tall the figures are but I'm sure that they are a good sized one.

Here are pictures of the two game boxes:

New Guestbook

March 7, 2010
Ugh... sorry again about not updating last month -.- My internet just HAD to be turned off at the end of February DX And I had no other way to get internet so no update was held on February >.> Anyway, here's this month's update: 6 New Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos pics. Ep. 244 summary done, Legend of the Guardian page done, Moltres and Zapdos sprites, New Guestbook. Had to get a new guestbook since it seemed that none of the comments where showing :/


January 19. 2010
I made quite a good bit of updates for this month. Posted a few pictures on the Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Legendary birds picture galleries. Also organized the navigation/menu links along with a new page with game sprites! But I only posted the Articuno sprites only ^^' but don't worry the Moltres and Zapdos sprites will come soon! Just you wait! ;3

Watch Online

December 1, 2009
Sorry that I forgot to update last month since Majhost the one who hosts most of the pictures on here went down for a few days. At that time I wanted to update since I got into busy with moving to a three bedroom apartment which means I finally have my own bedroom! :D So you see, I wasn't able to update the site last month. Now that Majhost is back on, I can finally update the site. I completed the Watch Online page, where you can watch the Pokemon episodes with Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos online for FREE! :3 But there is a problem, read about the problem on the watch online page. And I got three new images. One of each of the Legendary birds. That's about it for now, see ya next month! >


October 7, 2009
Yeah, I know I didn't update the past few weeks -.- So since that happened I will only update once a month. But Anyway, I did make some updates! :D We got six new link to us buttons and one summary on the episodes page done. See ya next month! :]

Grand Opening

September 16, 2009
Hello everyone! Welcome to the grand opening of The Legendary Birds! ^-^ I worked hard on this site especially with the information and the pictures. But that hard work finally payed off into a beautiful Pokemon fan site. Sadly, I won't be updating much since I got three other sites to take care of too. So, I'll be updating at least once a week. I couldn't possibly update every day XD even if I only had one site. Don't want to miss out on the other things in my life. For the pages, a few of them are under construction as you can see when you go to the pages that are under construction. Well, I better be going. See ya on the next update :]

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