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Freewebs for hosting my site for teaching me html
Photobucket and Majhost for uploading my pictures
Paint.NET and Gimp 2.6 for the graphics
Satoshi Tajiri for making Pokemon
Nintendo and Gamefreak for making the Pokemon games
Wikipedia and for the information

Note: For Pictures, Sprites and Animated Sprites, and Merchandise Credit sections have links to sites from where I got them. I know there's probably at least some sites that aren't mentioned on this page but that's because I don't remember the rest since I didn't mark down every single site I got them from at first but from now on I will (at least try too). For those sites that want credit, please e-mail me with the site's title/s and I'll gladly put the site/s on this page. My e-mail is in 'About The Site'

Picture Credit

Bulbapedia: Pokedex Images, Articuno Dream, Articuno Game Art, Articuno 23, Articuno Anime - Articuno Anime 3, Moltres WTP, Moltres WTP 2, Moltres Hoopa, Moltres Quiz, Moltres XY, Moltres Dream, Moltres Game Art, Moltres Anime - Moltres Anime 4, Zapdos Dream, Zapdos Game Art, Legendary Birds 2 - 3, Revelation Lugia Poster, Mirage Articuno Zapdos, Mirage Articuno Zapdos 2, Zapdos Anime - Zapdos Anime 3, Legendarybirds Slab
Pokemon Paradijis: Coloring Book, Legendary Birds Wallpaper, Zapdos Sticker, Zapdos BK Card, Zapdos Chrome Card, Articuno Sticker, Articuno BK Card, Moltres BK Card, Articuno Topps Card, Moltres Topps Card, Articuno Chrome Card, Moltres Chrome Card, Moltres Sticker
Pokemon Site: Articuno Trading Card Wallpaper, Articuno Snap Wii, Articuno Pikachu Snap Wii, Moltres Snap Wii, Zapdos Snap Wii. (20th Anniversary Timeline); Pokemon 2000 Movie Cover 2, (Pokemon The Movie 2000 on Pokemon TV); Articuno Temple, Moltres 6, Articuno 71, Zapdos 37 (Which have been made by me.)
Pokemon Wiki: Legendary Birds, Articuno - Articuno 5, Moltres - Moltres 3, Zapdos - Zapdos 3, Articuno Anime 4 & 5, Zapdos Anime 4 - 6
Pocket Monsters: Legendarybirds Movie 12
Pokemon Screen Caps: 2nd Movie Pics (Most of them), Freeze Frame Pics (Most of them), All Fired Up! Pics, The Search for a Legend Pics (Most of Them) Note: 2nd Movie Pics are also used in 'Legend of Guardian' page than in the picture galleries. This includes episode pics that are used in each bird's page.

Pokemon Time!: Screenshot Downloads: As Clear as Crystal Pics
Pokemon Spanish Wiki: Articuno - MD Time and Darkness, Moltres and Zapdos
Picslist (Unavailable): Revelation Lugia (Found by Google)
Movie Pilot: Revelation Lugia Poster
Tumblr: Articuno Postcard, Moltres Postcard, Zapdos Postcard
Tumblr 2: Revelation Lugia Postcard
Movie Poster Shop: Pokemon 2000 Movie Poster
Snip View (Found by Google): Pokemon 2000 Movie Cover and Legendary Birds Movie
Youtube: Japanese Opening 5

The rest of the images are made by me using various online players and some from my DVDS.

Sprites Credit

Most sprites are from Bulbapedia and
Ranger: Guardian Signs and Pokedex 3D Pro sprites are from The Spriters Resource

Merchandise & Minor Anime Appearances Credit

The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno: for the Articuno plush info. Also for the Articuno playset pictures and info.
Sora: for the Moltres figure picture that used to be on the site and for the Moltres mini plush picture.
Pojo's Toybox: for the first images of the combat figures.
Toys N Joys: I believe some of the images are from there but it's hard to tell since the site is down so there's no use linking to it :/
ebay: for most of the images, Badges, Articuno Burger King Card, Moltres Burger King Card, Zapdos Burger King Card, Articuno Mini Snowboard, Zapdos vs Nidoking Figure, Articuno Deluxe Figure, along with most of the info for the listed items for ebay and mostly everywhere else.
Bulbapedia: Shiny Zapdos Combat Figure, Zapdos Power Card, Moltres Skateboard, Moltres Zukan Figure, Articuno Mini Skateboard
Other merchandise images; FlickrhiveMind: Articuno Mini Plush, Moltres Bell Plush, and Moltres Mini Plush 2 Fish Pond: Moltres Playset, Amazon UK: Zapdos Playset, Kweh-chan Live Journal: Articuno Playset 3, Moltres Playset 2, Zapdos Playset 2, Shamouti Island Playset, along with some infoSmall World Playsets: Moltres Playset 3, Zapdos Playset 3, Clicky797 Live Journal: Articuno Playset, Kurusus Lost Island: Second Combat Figure Images, Pokemon Collectors Live Journal: Articuno Zukan Figure, Theme Decks are from Cards Outlet

Bulbapedia: Zapdos Movie9, Zapdos Sinnoh, Legendarybirds Slab, Mirage Articuno Zapdos
Pocket Monsters: Legendarybirds Movie 12
Pokemon Screen Caps: Moltres Opening
Youtube: Japanese Opening 4, Japanese Opening 8, and Pokemon Generations: Ep 1

The rest of the images are made by me using various online players (most of them) which come from Just Dubs, Kiss Anime, Watch Cartoon Online and these are from my DVDs; English Opening 1, English Opening 4, Ep 13, Ep 188, 1st Generation Pokerap, Movie 8, and Movie 13.

Trading Cards & Game Appearances Credit

Most trading card pictures are from ebay except Articuno card, Moltres card, and Zapdos card are from Black & White Plasma Storm Featured Cards
Bulbapedia: Zapdos Card 6 - 9, Articuno Card 4, Articuno Card 6, Articuno Card 9 - 11, Moltres Card 7 - 11. Zapdos Card 11 is from Forsale and Articuno Card 12 is from Troll and Toad

Games Radar: Battle Revolution
Smash Wiki: Melee, Melee Trophies, Moltres Wii U Trophy, Moltres Brawl Trophy, Moltres Brawl
Super Mario Wiki: Moltres Wii U
Giant Bomb: Moltres Rumble
Deviantart: Zapdos Rumble
Near Pictures: Articuno Rumble (Image itself is not on page. Found by Google)
Deviantart: Moltres Ranch and Zapdos Ranch
GameFAQs Pokemon Ranch: Articuno Ranch
Pokemon Stadium images are from myself when I had a N64 emulator.

Information Credit

Minor Anime Appears; Episode title info and openings info from Wikipedia. Most of the info about where the bird's minor appearances are located is from Serebii.
Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos; Info about where the bird's episode appears are located is also from Serebii and the bird's info summaries are from old edited versions of the bird's Wikipedia pages (but reworded in some ways)
Merchandise; eBay, Kweh-chan Live Journal, and The Sky Temple of Lugia and Articuno

And you for coming to the site! Thank you! =)

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