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Articuno, the legendary bird of ice, who is one of the three legendary birds in Kanto which is the first Pokemon generation. It has a shade of light blue feathers, the feathers of it's forehead are in the shape of three blue ice shards and has red eyes. The bird's tail is like a long blue steamer that sparkles like a shiny piece of ice. It's beak is the shortest out of the three birds. Articuno's belly has a patch of white feathers and tips of it's massive wings look like they're made of ice. This bird's beak is purple just like it's feet but can also be blue or brown in the video games. Articuno has a special ability when it flaps it's icy wings, that can cause a chill moisture in the air around it, making snow fall.

It appears before doomed travelers lost in icy regions, according to legend. It's impossible to tell if these are valid sightings or not. It's said to cause snow to fall when it's in flight and has the ability to create blizzards. Articuno's habitat is located in cold isolated places such as the winter weather and mountain peaks. Sometimes Articuno's will roost inside the Seafoam Islands in Kanto. They're rarely seen roaming around in warmer climates since Articuno is an ice Pokemon.

Pokedex Information

Japanese Name: Furiiza
Gender: Genderless
PokÚdex: #144
Type: Ice and Flying
Species: Freeze Pokemon
Height: 5'07"
Weight: 122.0 lbs
Evolution: None
Advantages: Grass, Ground, Flying, Rock, and Dragon
Disadvantages: Fire, Electric, Steel, and Rock

Episode Appearances

Here are the summaries and a small row of screenshots that Articuno appears in.
Since one of the Articuno episodes has a short summary. It's short because Episode 407 is a sequel to Episode 408.

Season 4 - Episode 189: Freeze Frame
Ep 191: Freezer vs. Purin! In the Middle of a Snowstorm!!

Ever since Todd saw Articuno flying. Ash, Todd and the gang get closer to finally seeing the legendary bird. They come up to an icy mountain called Snow Top and find a frozen Jigglypuff. After the singing Pokemon is freed from it's frozen state, it points them to the icy mountain. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny tell Ash and the gang legends about Articunos making nests in the cliffs of the mountain and how this one person built a statue of it to thank the ice bird for saving them since Articunos saved travelers in the past and still do. Once Team Rocket hears about an Articuno appearing around Snow Top, they form a plain to capture the legendary Pokemon even though Articuno saved their lives. With his goal in mind, Todd goes to the mountain while Ash and the gang follows. The icy bird appears to make sure the group doesn't fall off the edge of a cliff. Team Rocket starts attacking Articuno and defends itself with it's ice beam which gets bounced back by Wobbffet that hits into the mountain as pieces of it hits the blue bird, making it fall in the process. Worrying about the Pokemon, Ash and Todd fall as well but land safely thanks to Articuno. After being blown by the blizzard, the evil team lands beside them, sees that the ice type Pokemon is with Ash and Todd, they attack it once more. They blast off when it uses it's strongest attack, Blizzard. The sun comes out and the two boys see the legendary bird in a beautiful way, seeing Articuno in a great, powerful and majestic way, Todd takes it's picture. The ice bird then leaves with Ash thinking that it's almost like the beautiful bird knew Todd wanted it's picture and he agrees.

Season 9 - Episode 407: Numero Uno Articuno
Ep 412: First Battle! Battle Factory!! [Part 1]

Ash and friends are headed to the Battle Factory where Ash hopes to get his first Frontier symbol. But they're lost and thinking that the place is right around the corner, night comes and they're still lost. The gang notices the full moon and watch it, then suddenly they notice blue glitter coming from the sky as Ash wonders if it's snow. Looking at the sky they spot a flying shadow, as the shadow comes closer they see that's it's an Articuno. Then the icy bird is seen flying beside a plane, Ash wonders if someone is trying to catch it but Brock says that it doesn't look that way to him. A thick cloud of smoke that comes from the plane ruins the sight of Articuno, making it seem like the bird and the plane disappeared without a trace. Team Rocket notices the legendary bird as well and form a plain to capture it for their boss as Meowth then makes a story about why Giovanni would want the Pokemon, making the gang excited. After Ash and friends get to the Battle Factory, thanks to Scott, they meet the Frontier Brain; Noland. After Muchlax wonders off into the garage, May and Max go after it and find the hungry Pokemon in the dark. Max notices the plane and wonders if it belongs to Noland and then notices that same blue glitter coming from Muchlax. But are surprised when they find out that it's Articuno, as it flies out of the garage, making everyone else except Noland surprised as well. They find out that it was Noland in the plane that night and think that he somehow captured the ice bird but the Frontier Brain tells them that they're just friends and that Articuno is wild. Noland tells the gang and Scott the story of how he met the legendary Pokemon. He was test flying his plane when he found the freezing Pokemon flying beside him, it cries out in pain and ends up flying lower because of it's wing being in pain. He notices this and steers his plain underneath Articuno for it to land on top of his flying machine to get it's wing healed and ever since then, they've become friends. Max asks the man if he can take him up to fly with the icy bird in his plane and he says yes, as Pikachu comes along too but Team Rocket comes to make trouble, which ends the fun. As Noland hits the evil team's machine with his plane, Articuno sends them flying by picking up the heavy machine with ease and tosses it into the air, sending an ice beam at them as well. Since Noland let Ash pick one of his Pokemon to battle earlier, he couldn't decide but now he has made his decision to battle with Articuno and he's using Charizard, as the Pokemon appears in the sky.

Season 9 - Episode 408: The Symbol of Life
Ep 413: First Battle! Battle Factory [Part 2]

After Ash does some training with Charizard, Team Rocket talk about capturing the Pokemon that loses in the battle. Ash and friends head to the Battle Factory's main arena and Noland appears on the other side. The Frontier Brain calls for Articuno as the icy bird appears and lands at the arena's rocky landscape as it's snow rains down on the blue bird beautifully. Ash sends out Charizard and his friends and Scott walk up to the stands to watch. Then the evil gang are on top of the arena as Meowth tells Jesse and James his plain by making a hole on the roof, though it involves capturing Articuno only. Meanwhile, the battle begins and the arena's roof opens up which knocks Team Rocket into the building and they run towards the legendary Pokemon by using force. Articuno uses ice beam which freezes the evil gang but get blasted off when Pikachu uses thunderbolt. Now that the villains are out of the picture, the match starts as the two Pokemon take flight. Charizard starts by using flamethrower as the ice type Pokemon counters with ice beam but is knocked into the ground. Then the ice bird takes flight, the lizard Pokemon uses flamethrower again but Articuno dodges it with ease. The ice Pokemon spins into a dive and Charizard charges for it, the blue bird uses mist which causes it to disappear from it's opponent, as Articuno knocks the fire and flying Pokemon onto the ground. The legendary Pokemon comes out of the mist and Charizard uses dragon breath but the freeze Pokemon dodges it, the winged lizard uses the same attack, again but misses and again, which hits it's opponent as Articuno free falls. The fire and flying Pokemon tries to grab it but the ice type Pokemon flies away and it uses another ice beam, which hits but doesn't cause much damage. The winged lizard Pokemon uses flamethrower once more but it's opponent doges it and then uses steel wing which causes damage, as Charizard falls to the ground. It gets up slowly as Articuno uses water pulse which hits it with great damage, the Pokemon tries to get up but has trouble to but gets up. The ice bird charges with an ice beam but the lizard Pokemon dodges it but the end of it's wing is hit, Articuno uses water pulse on the ice which shatters the shards of ice to hit Charizard which it does but it takes flight. The freeze Pokemon chases it and uses a combination of ice beam and water pulse, the winged lizard uses flamethrower but the combination attack still hits. Articuno flies above Charizard as it uses over heat, thawing it's frozen wing tip, the two Pokemon fly higher into the sky until the winged lizard uses over heat again as the icy bird counter attacks it with water pulse, which causes an explosion. Articuno flies out of the explosion and uses steel wing, which hits it's opponent badly, the legendary Pokemon uses steel wing again but Charizard grabs it and uses seismic toss. The two Pokemon land hard on the ground, after the dust settles, the fire and flying Pokemon is knocked out as Articuno slowly rises from the hit but falls down as Charizard then slowly rises, being the winner. The ice Pokemon, flies off into the sunset as Noland says his goodbye.

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