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About This Layout

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This layout was created when I failed at doing that 'something awesome' as I said before during the last hiatus which was trying to add a style switcher once more but unlike the other times, I almost got it on there by using another method since the original way was giving me a blank page whenever I tried clicking a style :/ Though using that other method didn't work with Webs but it did work outside of LB's host in my documents folder. I worked a lot more to getting it added on this time around so I was closer to it.

For the fact that I couldn't get the style switcher to work, I decided to not use the almost complete layouts that I made for it (but I will keep the coding in case I do get it to work someday in the future) but I did make a new layout that is similar to the style of those layouts. Like my other sites, I created special layouts that I call 'music themed layouts' that features some lyrics on the banner and decided to make one for Legendary Bird's. The first song I chose was B-52's 'The Chosen One' from Pokemon The Movie 2000 soundtrack which is an old favorite of mine but that song doesn't suit the legendary bird trio so I went with Akikio Hiramatsu's 'Endless World' from or as Bulbapedia refers to it beginning with 'The'. Even though the images that make up this layout are used during the scene where the song 'The Heartbeat of the Planet' plays, 'Endless World' is or is kind of like 'The Heartbeat of the Planet' except with lyrics and a melody that goes with those lyrics so that's why I chose that song and because it's one of my favorite songs from the Revelation Lugia (2nd Pokemon Movie) soundtrack <3 I think the song I chose works better with bird trio for the fact that they're finally at peace after all of their fighting and can now fly peacefully with Lugia instead of thinking of him as their enemy. While trying to find colors for almost everything, I found most of the colors from the banner's image by using Image Color Picker to get to them which represents parts of the banner; the navigation's headers (the sky), the links and hover links (the pillars and the ones that are glowing), the content's header (the bird's islands), the update header (the flowers), while the background, the images that make up the navigation and content's background, the background's font color, and the font color for the navigation and content are a combination of the ocean and colors that I picked out. The banner and the disclaimer's image and other images that aren't in the picture galleries are from Revelation Lugia and are added for the sake of this layout.

This layout sadly only looks best in Firefox, the only thing that's wrong in Google Chrome is that the two images; the banner and the bottom's borders in the navigation section aren't connected as well as the last one. Sorry Chrome users (which includes me) D:

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